The Facilities



The Pub

The pub is quite large with a central serving bar and three bar areas. It serves food and a full menu is available. There is a horseshoe shaped seating area where the Wednesday night Bluegrass picking sessions are held. You will notice musical instruments on the walls, a piano and an upright bass. Please feel free to use these instruments inside the pub. Paul put them there for that purpose.

This area was extremely busy on the Saturday night in 2021 as Paul linked up the PA system to a single standing mic. Other parts of the pub can be used for picking as well.

The bar is well stocked and has a late licence on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Function Room

There is a 100 seater function room upstairs and access is gained by the stairs at the rear of the bar. This location will be one of several used on Saturday morning for workshops.

It’s main purpose will be the room used for the slow jam on the Friday and Saturday evenings and possibly during the day.



You will see there are two seating area balconies at the rear of the pub. The upper one has access through the function room or the stairs to the left of the pub. It is open for use and provides a good view across the camp grounds and of the East Pennines.

The other balcony is on the ground floor next to the entrance to the rear of the pub. Please feel free to use both balconies.

Outdoor Seating

There is an extensive area of outdoor seating at the rear of the pub as well as children’s play area.

The Marquee

One of the best features for the Bluegrass Weekend is the Marquee. It can seat 250 people easily. It is fully sided should the weather be inclement. It boasts a solid wooden floor, a stage and it’s own PA System. It has it’s own fully stocked bar and now a small kitchen. The ceiling has sparkly lights and is quite stunning of an evening.

It is the main meeting place for the weekends activities. The stage provides a performance area for those willing to take part, for the Saturday open mic session and bands. It will also be the area area for picking, and utilised for workshops on the Saturday morning.

It will be the location for the Sunday morning gospel session.



The fields have enough camping for 150 pitches be they caravan, motorhome or tents. It is a flat, open well draining space with an access route all around.

All camping fees are included in the ticket price which includes from Thursday the 30th of June 2022. Should you wish to attend days before or after then please speak Paul Draper for any additional camping fees.

The Camping area has large shipping containers converted to toilets which are situated at the rear of the Marquee.  1 shower unit will also be available at that location.

Fresh water supply will be at the rear of the shipping containers.

There is a drain to the right of the Marquee (as you look from the rear) which can be used for waste fluids.

Well behaved dogs are welcomed on site but not in the dining area of the pub.

Please note this year the organisers of he weekend will not be pre-arranging hook-up facilities. Paul will not be providing a generator due to the high overall cost and the increase price of fuel. Some hook-ups to the Marquee will be available but limited. These will only be available on medical grounds. Please be prepared to be self sufficient.

No open fires are permitted on the camping grounds. Feel free to utilise for cooking purposes only.

It is believed this year will see more people attending and camping. Which is great! However camping will be required to be kept in certain pitch areas to allow for access and egress of vehicles too and from the pitches. This year we will be marking channels for movement of vehicle and Stewards may need to direct people to available positions. Should you wish to next to friends etc. then we suggest you arrive at the same time and we will try to facilitate as best as we can. We may not be able to reserve pitch locations.