The Junction pub and Bluegrass music have a past history for over 30 years. Prior to being at the Junction the sessions started life half a mile down the road at the` Wheatsheaf` pub on the Rainford bypass. That pub is now the restaurant `Holdi`.

My first experience of Bluegrass music, other than the theme tune  to the Beverley Hill-billies, was when my friend and local musician Stew picked up my acoustic guitar and played Duelling Banjos all the way through with a flat pick. I was amazed you could do that with a flat pick.

So together with our friend Pete we travelled to Widnes every Wednesday night for the Bluegrass Session run by Brynn Williams.

This was amazing new experience for me and the others.  A small room filled with musicians from Liverpool, the Wirral, St. Helens and the surrounding North West area.  Acoustic Double & Electric Bass, Banjos, Mandolins, Guitar, Fiddles and the occasional Dobro. All playing together a mix of classic Bluegrass songs and Fiddle tunes.

We were hooked. At this time we met up with other St. Helens musicians Paul and his Dad Owen on Bass and Banjo.

The Rainford session started when the Widnes social club shut down overnight leaving us with nowhere to play. It was a Wednesday night and rather than just go home they called in the Wheatsheaf on the Rainford  bypass and asked if they could use the lounge and play. The landlord suggested we return every week and thus started the session.

It became quite popular and people came to hear and play Bluegrass music. For many it was their first experience of Bluegrass music.  

After a few years at the Wheatsheaf the pub was closing down and an offer from the Junction landlord to move the session up the road was eagerly taken, and we’ve been ever since. COVID and Christmas aside every Wednesday night for the last 30 years.

During that time the pub changed hands and was bought by Paul Draper, also a musician,  who was more than happy to continue with the Bluegrass sessions. (Paul plays a mean Bluegrass Piano)

We play a mix of traditional and new Bluegrass styles all with a laid back manner and always with beer.

Our friend, musician and session regular Dave `Bres` Bresnen asked us and the pub if he could use the function room as a concert venue for visiting American Bluegrass bands and artists, and thus started the Junctions long history as a venue for touring bands.


So the session is every Wednesday night except for the Christmas period and all are welcome. It starts around 8.30pm till we are kicked out. All levels are welcome and we encourage new players at any level to join in.

There is no fee to come and play or listen. We play a mixture of classic Bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes with the more contemporary styles as well.

We are passionate about Bluegrass and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on.